• ILSINTECH SWIFT K7 Fiber Fusion Splicer Korea Orginal

ILSINTECH SWIFT K7 Fiber Fusion Splicer Korea Orginal

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ILSINTECH SWIFT K7 Fiber Fusion Splicer Korea Orginal

Swift K7 is our advanced typical core alignment type fusion splicer for the medium & long range optical circuit LAN, CATV, FTTx with world-fastest in splicing & sleeve heating time. It delivers high precision performance with low loss. 


Benefits and Features:

  • Internet remote access maintenance
  • IPAAS Technology Basis Core Alignment
    -- Swift K7 is the core alignment splicer based on the IPAAS (Image Pattern Analysis Alignment System) Technology. The fine pixel technology perfects lowest splice loss in average.
  • Compact, Lightweight and Fast
    -- This splicer is one of the smallest, lightest and fastest among all the existing core alignment splicers.
    -- Dimension : 143(W) x 163(L) x 140(H) l Weight : 2.25kg l Splicing Time : 6 seconds
    -- Tube heat : 9sec(IS-45 Sleeve, IS-45mode),13sec(IS-60 Sleeve, IS-60mode),
  •  Resistance to Shock, Dust and Water
    -- The splicer with high reliability has stable performance even in a harsh environment
    -- Shock-Free Fall : 76cm from 5 sides l Waterproof : IPx2 l Dustproof : IP5x
  • Powerful Lithium Polymer Battery with Large Capacity
    -- Performs 300 cycles of fusion splicing and sleeve heating with the standard battery 
  • 4.3 inch Color LCD Monitor with Touch Screen
    -- For user’s convenience, LCD monitor has been designed with touch screen in addition to the operation keys.  
  • Bidirectional Operation System
    -- For user’s ergonomic preference, the screen can be turned around for one’s chosen viewing direction. 
  • Equipped with Sleeve Loader to Prevent Contamination and to Provide Convenience 
    -- While working in a manhole, the loader prevents the supplementary sleeve from falling and being contaminated. 
    -- Working in aerial space such as telephone pole, the loader also prevents the supplementary sleeve from falling down. 
  • Auto-Calibration 
    -- Detects the surrounding environment of temperature, humidity, air pressure and measures discharge calibration rate automatically.  
  • Compatible with Fusion Splice-On Connector(SOC) in accordance with the Industrial Standard
    -- MS-01, the manual stripper for Swift Connector





Fiber alignment

IPAAS core to core alignment(Image Pattern Analysis Alignment System) 

Applicable type of fibers

SM(ITU-T G.652), MM(ITU-T G.651), DS(ITU-T G.653),  NZDS(ITU-T G.655), ITU-T G.657 

Auto fiber identification

SM(ITU-T G.652), MM(ITU-T G.651), DS(ITU-T G.653), NZDS(ITU-T G.655), SM( ITU-T G.657 A2/B2), SM(ITU-T G.657 B3) 

Fiber count

Single fiber

Applicable fiber dimensions

Clad diameter: 80 ~ 150 um, Buffer diameter: 100 ~ 1000um

Fiber setting and cleaved length

250um: 8~16mm 

Splicing modes

Splice mode: 300, heat mode: 100 

Typical Splice Loss

SMF: 0.02dB, MMF: 0.01dB, DSF: 0.04dB, NZDSF: 0.04dB 

Return loss

> 60dB

Splicing time

6sec@Quick mode 

Splice loss estimate


Sleeve heating time

9sec @ IS-45 Sleeve, IS-45 mode 13sec @ IS-60 Sleeve, IS-60 mode

Applicable protection sleeve

40mm, 45mm, 60mm, 32mm or 28 mm for SOC 

Storage of splice result

Splice loss data-10k, splice image data-10k 

Tension test

2N / 4.4N(option) 

Operating condition

Altitude: 5,000m, temperature: -10℃~50℃, Humidity: 0~95%, Wind speed: 15m/s, non-condensing, dust proof, water proof, shock proof

Storage condition

Temperature: -40℃~80℃,  Humidity: 0~95% (Non-condensing) 


142(W)x163(L)x146(H)mm (with Bumper) 


2.0kg(2.5kg with battery) 

Viewing method and display

Two CMOS image sensor, 4.3" Color LCD monitor, Touch panel

Fiber view and magnification

X or Y view: 220X, MAX 700X 

Power supply

DC Lithium polymer battery(DC 14.8V, 6,000mAh), 100~240V AC Adaptor 

No. of splice cycles with battery

Typical 300 cycles

Electrode lifetime

more than 3500 times 


USBUSB, RCA, External power(DC 12V available for cigar jack)




 1.Standard Package:


Arc Fusion Splicer
Swift K7 
AC Adaptor 
Sleeve Loader 
Battery Pack 
Cooling Tray 
Manual Stripper 



Tool Box 


User manual 


Carrying case 



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Korea Brand fiber optic splicing machine ilsintech swift k7

Korea Brand fiber optic splicing machine ilsintech swift k7



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ILSINTECH SWIFT K7 Fiber Fusion Splicer Korea OrginalILSINTECH SWIFT K7 Fiber Fusion Splicer Korea OrginalILSINTECH SWIFT K7 Fiber Fusion Splicer Korea Orginal


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